Manufacturing capability


We offer high precision press product, with carbon steel, high- strength
steel, stainless steel, aluminum.
-Hundreds of punching/hydraulic press machines from 6.3~2000T,
automatic stamping lines;
-CAE finite element analysis is widely utilized to effectively shorten the development cycle;
-Special stamping technology for bright stainless steel products;
-Dust-free workshop, supporting OEM customers with variety of bright trim in primer cars.


We provide high-precision rolling and forming products made from a range
of materials, including carbon steel, high-strength steel, stainless steel, and


We offer various PVC/PP/TPE/EPDM/CPVC extrusion/co-extrusion product
for OEM & automobile glass manufacture,
-electrostatic/ paste flocking online,
-more than 200 different sections design


We offer stainless steel, aluminum bending product,
-3D bending, roll bending technology;
-Bending CAE analysis software.


Automatic welding technology on window frame and guide rail;
-simulation system applied to MAG/MIG/TIG, spot welding process.

Laser Cutting

TruLaser cutting machines

CNC Lathe

CNC gear hobbing machine and chamfering machine
Automatic broaching machine

Heat treatment

Heat-treatment line equipped by advanced multi-purpose furnace,
automatic quenching machine and phosphate line and relative test