Social responsibility

Undertaking the social responsibility is the core part of Hongxie's sustainable development, adhering to the core value of "To undertake, cooperate, learn and innovate", Hongxie is steadily pushing forward the implementation of social responsibility, has formed a systematic operation mechanism through our employee and community neighbour.

Individual employee benefits

In addition to considerable income level, a good working environment, multi-channel of career development, Hongxie promotes the following personal benefits:

  • Interest-free loans for housing - To help young people who wants to settle down and willing to work for Hongxie for long term.
  • Self Promotion Award - A reward for academic or professional skill advancement, through personal effort during working for the company.

Environmental protection

  • The company has passed the environmental system audit, attention of environmental protection is paid in the process of production and manufacturing, with clear corporate environmental responsibility.
  • To promote internal proposals for improvement, creating a sense of waste reduction, and constantly optimizing resource utilization.
  • The company often organizes employees to carry out environmental protection activities in public events.